How we can help

How we can help

Hypnotherapy CANBERRA

HYPNOSIS – HYPNOTISM – HYPNOTHERAPY – What is the difference?

Some of the differences are listed below, but I will also explain these states to you in the Clinic.


Did you know that we put ourselves in a hypnotic state so many times during the day and night? It is kind of like meditation. It is an Apha State, which is really 3 states: light, medium or deep. In a light state you feel very relaxed. It is within a deep Alpha or Theta state where I do my therapy. You are fully aware of what is happening around you.

Consider this:

You drive from point A to B and think, “How did I get there?”

You were lost in thought and drove through a red stop sign!

You bought something you didn’t need.

Someone is talking to you and you experience “selective hearing” or are “deep in your own thoughts”. Essentially, that is hypnosis.


Hypno-therapy is basically therapy in a trance state, where I conduct Analytical and Suggestive Therapy.

We can work on:

Emotional release

Healing of memories

Changing habit patterns

Inner child healing

Releasing blocks from the past

Self love

Loving your partner more

Healing your relationship with your partner

Releasing rubbish and changing the way you feel

Freeing yourself from the old and renewing the way you think about things

Being open to change and learning new concepts of wisdom

Emotional healing

Dealing with manipulation that causes fear

Anxiety: working on your conscious feelings

Womb experiences

Renewing your Mind, Body & Spirit


Stage work: deep Alpha or Theta state.

At this state we are dealing with hypnosis that resembles things you might have seen on TV, like people thinking they are a chicken, or eating an onion and believing it tastes like an apple.

You know you are doing it, but at the time you believe it to be completely real.