Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy for addictions


Hypnotherapy can help with any and all forms of addiction. From drugs to food, shopping, smoking, gambling and more.
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Alcoholism Hypnotherapy


If your drinking is out of control, I can help. Hypnotherapy provides a gentle way to coax you from your alcohol addiction.
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Hypnotherapy for Depression


Do you often get stressed or depressed? Do you struggle with anxiety over every-day activities? I can help.
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Childbirth Hypnotherapy


Childbirth should be an enjoyable and joyous occasion. But for some women, fear of the event prevents this. Let me help.
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Hypnotherapy to copy with fear


Hypnotherapy can help with all types of fears. From flying, to spiders, snakes, public speaking, and more. Ask me how.
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Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction

Gambling Problems

Gambling can quickly turn from an enjoyable pastime to an obsession. Save your money and your life with hypnotherapy.
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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia


Trouble sleeping? Hypnotherapy can bring back the calm you need to give you the restful sleep you seek.
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Hypnotherapy for Studying

Learning and Study

Learning and study problems can be overcome, and hypnotherapy is a great solution. Ask me how I can help.
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Virtual Gastric Band Canberra

Weight Loss and Virtual Gastric Banding

Your mind controls your body’s habits. Virtual gastric banding helps you feel full after just a small portion of food.
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