Gastric Band Hypnotherapy FAQs

I have tried many diets, why is this different?
Firstly, my program is not a diet. Please read the About Us page to find out why hypnotherapy is different to dieting. Simply put, my program is designed to bring true health back to life. It’s not a diet fad. There are no pills, shakes and cutting out food groups! I will educate you on making lasting changes that are sustainable for life. The meals are tasty, easy and will help you realise why diets don’t work.
When do I start and finish?
You can start any time! Once you join, you’ll be given guidelines on your first session. We can have 12 weekly reviews which run from when you purchase your plan to 12 weeks after completion.
Do I need to count Calories?
You don’t need to count anything. I have done all the guess work for you.
Will my shopping budget increase?
Absolutely not. However, you may find your first shop to be a little more expensive if your cupboards completely lack the items in your meal plan. Each week will be about topping up those items, and the plan is designed to be cost effective. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.
Do I need to buy supplements?
No – all the meals in my program are designed to be nutrient-packed. In your guide there are some recommendations for supplements, though they are not essential.