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Hypnotherapy FAQs

General FAQs

Since 2020, the majority of my sessions have transitioned to an online format, and the results have been remarkable. Online sessions have proven to be a highly effective means of experiencing the transformative power of hypnotherapy, ensuring that you can access the support you need from the comfort and convenience of your own space.

The benefits of online sessions are numerous. They offer you the opportunity to engage in hypnotherapy without the need to travel or leave your home, promoting a sense of comfort and relaxation. Furthermore, these virtual sessions are conducted via platforms like Zoom and Skype, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.

One noteworthy advantage of online sessions is the ability to record them for later review, enhancing your overall experience and reinforcing the positive changes achieved during hypnotherapy. The transition to online sessions has seamlessly bridged the gap between in-person and virtual hypnotherapy, providing you with the same level of personalized care and support.

If you’re curious about how online hypnotherapy sessions can benefit you or wish to explore this convenient and effective approach further, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to guide you on your journey toward personal growth and positive transformation, all from the comfort and security of your own space.

It all begins with an informal initial chat, where we’ll discuss your specific needs and goals. During this session, I’ll provide you with more detailed information about how hypnotherapy works and what you can expect. Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process that involves deep relaxation and focused attention to access your subconscious mind. By doing so, we can work together to identify and address the root causes of challenges you may be facing, whether it’s breaking bad habits, managing stress, or overcoming deeper emotional issues. The number of sessions required varies depending on individual circumstances, but rest assured, I’ll be with you every step of the way to guide and support your journey towards positive change

I’ve achieved an impressive 98% success rate in assisting individuals who are genuinely committed to losing weight or quitting smoking. The remaining 2% typically includes those who were uncertain about their readiness for change. In the majority of instances, you can anticipate experiencing positive improvements in your addiction after just one session.

We can work on:

Emotional release

Healing of memories

Changing habit patterns

Inner child healing

Releasing blocks from the past

Self love

Loving your partner more

Healing your relationship with your partner

Releasing rubbish and changing the way you feel

Freeing yourself from the old and renewing the way you think about things

Being open to change and learning new concepts of wisdom

Emotional healing

Dealing with manipulation that causes fear

Anxiety: working on your conscious feelings

Womb experiences

Renewing your Mind, Body & Spirit

The number of sessions required can vary depending on the type of hypnotherapy. Some issues can be effectively addressed in just one session, while others may necessitate three to four sessions for comprehensive results. To get a more precise estimate for your specific concern, we recommend visiting our website and reviewing each service’s details. 

However, regardless of the approach, your commitment and readiness for change play a crucial role in the success of the hypnotherapy process.

I understand the challenge of finding a counselor or hypnotherapist whose approach resonates with you. I want to emphasize that my counseling and hypnotherapy approach is marked by distinctive qualities that set it apart.

My approach to counseling and hypnotherapy:

  1. Evidence-Based Approach: I rely on well-established methods backed by research.
  2. Genuine, Open Dialogue: I foster honest and open conversations that go both ways.
  3. Empowering Lasting Transformation: My goal is to facilitate enduring change.
  4. Compassionate Support: I provide unwavering support and a non-judgmental atmosphere.

To help you make an informed choice, I invite you to take advantage of a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. This session allows us to connect on a personal level, enabling me to develop a customized approach tailored specifically to you. I encourage you to reach out and share your unique story.


Yes, in my experience, it’s quite uncommon for clients to revisit the same issue. I’ve received feedback indicating that the positive changes they’ve made endure even after several years.


Did you know that we put ourselves in a hypnotic state so many times during the day and night? It is kind of like meditation. It is an Apha State, which is really 3 states: light, medium or deep. In a light state you feel very relaxed. It is within a deep Alpha or Theta state where I do my therapy. You are fully aware of what is happening around you.

Consider this:

You drive from point A to B and think, “How did I get there?”

You were lost in thought and drove through a red stop sign!

You bought something you didn’t need.

Someone is talking to you and you experience “selective hearing” or are “deep in your own thoughts”. Essentially, that is hypnosis.



Hypno-therapy is basically therapy in a trance state, where I conduct Analytical and Suggestive Therapy.


Stage work: deep Alpha or Theta state.

At this state we are dealing with hypnosis that resembles things you might have seen on TV, like people thinking they are a chicken, or eating an onion and believing it tastes like an apple.

You know you are doing it, but at the time you believe it to be completely real.

Whether hypnotherapy is covered by health funds can vary depending on your location and the specific insurance provider. It’s essential to check with your health insurance provider directly to determine if they offer coverage for hypnotherapy services. Some insurance plans may cover hypnotherapy as part of their mental health or complementary therapies coverage, while others may not. It’s advisable to inquire about the specific terms, conditions, and coverage limits associated with hypnotherapy services when discussing your health insurance policy with your provider.

Virtual Gastric Banding Hypnotherapy FAQs

Firstly, my program is not a diet. Please read the About Us page to find out why hypnotherapy is different to dieting. Simply put, my program is designed to bring true health back to life. It’s not a diet fad. There are no pills, shakes and cutting out food groups! I will educate you on making lasting changes that are sustainable for life. The meals are tasty, easy and will help you realise why diets don’t work.

You can start any time! Once you join, you’ll be given guidelines on your first session. We can have 12 weekly reviews which run from when you purchase your plan to 12 weeks after completion.

You don’t need to count anything. I have done all the guess work for you.
Will my shopping budget increase?

Absolutely not. However, you may find your first shop to be a little more expensive if your cupboards completely lack the items in your meal plan. Each week will be about topping up those items, and the plan is designed to be cost effective. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.

No – all the meals in my program are designed to be nutrient-packed. In your guide there are some recommendations for supplements, though they are not essential.

Still have questions?

Call or send me a message to discuss your needs. I always reply within 24 hours.

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