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Rebecca helped my daughter many years back who had mental health issues just when we lost all hope she helped her so much, she's never been the same again she has bought a house, had a baby and is just smashing life without Rebecca I really don?t know what else we could’ve done to save her. Throughout this corona period I got a bit lost within myself I had lost motivation and lost my mojo. Rebecca has really helped me find myself again and now I’m starting to feel so much better within myself. Highly recommend her and will always keep her in the back of my mind if I need help again. Highly recommend!

I’ve just been wanting to get in touch to say thank you for my recent session. You might remember I had quite an irrational fear of snakes. Thanks to your therapy, I no longer fear them! I’ve seen a lot of photos and videos of snakes without any issues at all. In the past I would turn away and have a physical reaction where I couldn’t make myself look. Today we took our little boy to the zoo. I’ve never gone into the reptile areas because I’ve always felt too terrified, but today I confidently went in and had a good look at the snakes (for the first time in my life)! I actually found them fascinating and quite beautiful. So, thank you. I’m so relieved to have conquered my fear, and wish I’d done something about it years ago. Wishing you a happy and safe festive season!

After years of yo-yo dieting, I was very much considering having gastric sleeve surgery. I thought before taking that huge step, I might give hypnotherapy a go. I had 4 sessions, one every week. Within the first week, I had lost 2kgs. I have finally stopped obsessing over food and I feel like I can finally reach my goals. Rebecca has been amazing. She has helped me in more ways than one. I recently lost my Dad and have been really struggling with his death. The grief I have felt has been more awful than I ever thought. I couldn’t even function some days. Rebecca has been able to help me both through hypnotherapy and counselling. I finally have stopped crying everyday. Rebecca is a beautiful soul. Full of wisdom and compassion. So talented and professional. I was really sad knowing my sessions were coming to an end. I will however, come back for booster sessions. Thank you Rebecca. You know how much you have helped me. In only 4 sessions, you have changed my life.

Rebecca has an almost intuitive ability to get to the bottom of whatever is causing you stress in your life. That anxiety is often the driving force that leads us to overeat. We often eat too much in an attempt to soothe ourselves and avoid feeling unpleasant emotions. Rebecca will work with you to realise that those emotions are actually a gift and we just need to acknowledge those emotions, learn to heed their message and deal with them in a much healthier manner. You’ll learn to breathe, slow down and take charge of yourself and your inner life. I am just at the beginning of my journey, but have shed over 7kg so far and am well on the way. So thank you Rebecca! You have set me on the path to a calmer, joy filled and healthier future. Hypnotherapy works! Be open minded and try a different approach! It works!

I finally decided to make a booking with Rebecca at ACCORD to help with my drinking problem. I wanted to reduce my drinking to a healthy normal level. I didn’t want to give up completely, but I wanted to be able to stop at ONE GLASS. I am a believer in hypnotherapy having had a positive outcome with giving up smoking many years ago. After I had made my booking with Rebecca something changed in me, and to my amazement no drink at all for the couple of days prior to my first appointment. I was ready for change, feeling strong and determined. I had two appointments without even having a drink at all, absolutely no interest. Before the third appointment I had a drink,but no problem stopping at one. It has been 9 weeks now and every day, 24/7 I have been legally able to drive a car. I have been out on many occasions and stopped at one drink and on a couple of occasions not had any at all. It felt a bit awkward at first socialising with my drinking friends, but now it doesn’t bother me at all, and my friends no longer comment on my sobriety. I am a winner, drinking my one glass of wine and enjoying my life. I have also lost 5 kilos and my blood pressure has returned to normal levels. My doctor is convinced that after another 3 months of sobriety my cholesterol will be normal and medication will no longer be required. I am very happy with my results and with Rebecca’s help and support.

I would like to share with you the amazing results I have had from your virtual gastric banding procedure. In the short space of 3 weeks I have lost over 6kg and dropped an entire dress size. The results are more than just water weight loss as I have had numerous comments from people who have noticed my slimmer figure. My energy levels have improved greatly and I feel fantastic. For many years I have tried so many diets, exercise programs and diet pills with minimal results and have always fallen back into bad eating habits. From my first session with you I immediately noticed a change, I no longer felt hungry and was not looking at the clock counting down until my next meal. I no longer craved foods filled with fat and sugar which had previously been my downfall. My self esteem has improved greatly due to the inner healing that has taken place during my sessions with you. I cannot thank you enough, in just 4 sessions my life has turned around and I now know I can reach my weight loss goal.

I had been suffering with severe social anxiety and agoraphobia for over a year when I decided to go and see Rebecca. Whenever I would have to go out and leave the house I would have a panic attack and become physically sick. This would happen every time I had to go to work or visit friends and family. As a result I always wanted to be at home and wasn’t living my life. This had become such a problem that I wasn’t really eating or looking after myself, I had lost a lot of weight and felt weak. I had lost friends and was also taking quite a bit of time off work. I was so frustrated as I didn’t know where any of this came from and the anxiety was now affecting all areas of my life. I was put on Valium, and while it would mellow me out during a panic attack, I was left feeling groggy and tired. After spending a lot of time and money on psycholigsts and psychiatrists without improvement, I felt I was ready to try anything. Hynotherrapy was something I never thought I would try, however I had been suffering for way too long. After just my first session I noticed some pretty big changes. I got in my car, and instead of driving straight home and staying there like I used to, I found myself driving to the shops. I browsed around and even stopped and chatted with some people who were working for a charity. A couple of hours later I got home and had surprised myself – just the day before there was no way I would’ve done these things. Also this is the day I stopped taking Valium, I have not felt the need to take it since my first session. It has only been a couple of months and 4 sessions, however I have come a long way. I’m now going out and enjoying the things I used to without even thinking about being nervous or anxious. I find myself leaving the house without any of those feelings registering in the mind. To anyone reading this who is skeptical or feels helpless as they have tried everything else, I highly recommend hypnotherapy. It has helped me change my life and I am extremely grateful for this. Rebecca, I thank you so much for your help and support.

I’ve been struggling with my weight for many, many years resulting in a severe lack of confidence. Having tried many different forms of weight loss such as gym memberships, Lite’n Easy, Weight Watchers etc., I decided I’d have nothing to lose by trying Hypnotherapy. After checking online, I made the best phone call of my life by contacting Rebecca (Accord Hypnotherapy – Mornington). After just 4 sessions with Rebecca over a 3 week period, I’ve not only lost 5.5kg to date, I’ve also found my life has taken a complete turn for the better. My outlook on life, confidence and personal self-esteem have done a complete turn-around. Rebecca not only helped me on my road to weight loss, she helped me come to terms with some inner demons that I didn’t realize I have been harboring since my teens. I feel like a new person with a completely different outlook on life and most importantly, I now like who I am. I cannot thank you enough Rebecca for what you have done for me in such a short time. I would recommend Rebecca without a moment’s hesitation to anyone looking for assistance in any of life’s challenges. You are a caring & compassionate lady and truly excellent in your craft. Thank you again Rebecca for making a huge change to my life. Here's to eating to live & not living to eat!

I saw Rebecca for the first time on the 15th July 2011 to help me get over my anxiety (Agoraphobia) which I had been dealing for the past 4 months. In this time I had not been able to do any of the activities, hobbies or any social events or anything in public socially that I have always been able to do and enjoyed without being very anxious and nauseous always causing me to vomit and having panic feelings and sometimes attacks at these social events. I had been talking to many councilors and people but I still found it very difficult with the advice and lost a lot of hope as my life was still useless not being able to do anything. In this time I had a lot of time off work, off from any gym training, off from seeing any of my friends, off from attending dinners/lunches, off from living in my house, off from being happy with my personality and unable to eat anything loosing 14kg of my hard earn muscle in the gym. I was just so anxious all the time and didn’t know why as it just happened and triggered so quickly one day for the first time in my life when I started vomiting for hours at a shopping mall and social events over no reason??? Before my session began with Rebecca I was very sad and emotional as she was a last resort for me as I had tried so many things. After the first session with I honestly wasn’t sure if it would of worked and was quite confused, from that day I did slowly go on doing things that I haven’t done for months! I was able to start attending social lunches/dinners again which I loved movies, gym, driving again live again back at home, eating again and many things which I enjoy doing. This was reinforced by my 2nd session on the 21st July and amazingly from there on I have had 3 straight weeks of my life back doing things again and enjoying life happy. Thank you for your kind help Rebecca God bless you.

I started seeing Rebecca on Friday 12 November to assist me with overcoming my fear of travelling in a car. Previous visits to a range of professionals, including a psychologist, had not provided any relief. I found an immediate improvement after my first session with Rebecca, this was reinforced following my second session. Rebecca has provided me with the tools to get on and enjoy my life. Amazingly I have now no fear of driving any car, in the rain long distance. I am absolutely thrilled, so is my husband. As well I had anxiety about many things, felt inadequate Rebecca worked with that also, and it seems I have my confidence back. I feel like a new person. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who is searching for results.

Hi Rebecca, I thought I would let you know how I am going since I met with you three weeks ago tomorrow. You may recall I was the bright one who left her wallet at home! I’m sorry that I was not able to see you the next morning when I dropped the money off to Jock. Anyway, all is going fabulously well! I am still pinching myself and can almost not believe that I truly am a non smoker and just loving it. I have never ever felt so free of cigarettes in all of my “smoking life”. I have proven to be a very, very “tough nut to crack” and have tried numerous methods over the years to quit but all failed dismally. I am very grateful and incredibly impressed. You really are a master of your art! Having said that, I am referring you to everyone I know and even someone who has a phobia of planes and flying! Thank you once again Rebecca, you are a life changer!

I came to see Rebecca at her clinic for assistance with anxiety and also chewing and picking my nails, and the skin around my finger nails, which was related to anxiety. I had tried counselling for anxiety and stress in the past, but had found that the improvements were only temporary, about a day or two. After my first session with Rebecca, I found that the urge to chew and pick my fingers nails and skin had almost gone, and that I was acutely aware that I was about to chew or pick, and would find myself pulling my hands away from my mouth, and thinking about what was making anxious. I would also find myself taking slow long deep breaths and relaxing all the tension in my muscles and addressing the issue that was causing anxiety and stress. The issue was diagnosed at the very first session from there the changes. I was flabbergasted with the positive results. I would recommend Rebecca and the way it was diagnosed to anyone that would have this condition. I have completed the recommended three sessions and the feelings of being burdened by anxiety have totally gone, I am able to consciously recognise that I am becoming stressed or anxious and work through it and I do not have the urge to pick or chew at my fingers. This has given me a immense feeling of freedom and control.

For over two decades I have had an increasingly strong addiction to marijuana, compounded by a weakness for alcohol, so that every single day I found myself drinking and smoking. After my second visit with you, I surprised even myself and stopped smoking cold turkey. Because I’m not smoking, my need for a second and third glass of wine has also ceased. You were able to get to the root of my problem easily, to establish that childhood trauma I had experienced and then to enable me to deal with it, without resorting to drugs and alcohol. Thank you. The term “Hypnotherapist” only is inadequate for you, as you’ve also been like a healer, a counsellor, (and I suspect, part clairvoyant) and I thank you so much for empowering me to change my lifestyle. I feel fantastic.

I would just like to give a big thanks to Rebecca – for helping me to achieve something that I hadn’t thought was possible until now. I have been a nail biter for the past 32 years and had tried various other ways to stop – including hypnotherapy. This time it was very different and I haven’t gone near my nails now for 3 weeks. I can’t believe how much they have already grown in that time and can’t wait to see what they look like in another 3 weeks!

Just a short note to advise I have been smoke free for SEVEN years now since having ONE session with you in South Yarra. It was the best hour of my life. I had been a heavy smoker for over 35 years and did not even think about taking it up again after our session. I did not gain weight and started to feel the benefits almost immediately. I cannot recommend your services highly enough. The good health I have now is down to you as is the money I have saved from not indulging.

I came to your office more than a year ago. I had tried to quit for years on and off and I smoked more than a packet a day for many more. I am free of the habit with your guidance and help it has proven track record. I have and will never smoke again and I owe it to you. You are my life saver you are a true inspiration to Hypnosis and I actually cant thank you enough. I hope that every smoker I meet takes the opportunity to meet with you just once cause that is all it took. I remember that day clearly and I always thought that there is no way I could do it but here I am a true live case in the flesh and I say I will never touch or have another smoke because I CAN. My family and wife owes it to you and they say that you were the best thing that happened to me health wise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Twelve months ago I came to you for help in giving up my smoking addiction. I had been smoking for 25 years and smoked between 30 and 35 cigarettes a day. I had previously given up for a few months at a time, but I desperately needed to give up permanently. Somehow I felt that hypnosis was the way to go, and so I found you. I smoked my last cigarette in the car, outside your clinic. I came out one and a half hours later, a non-smoker. There were no withdrawal symptoms, no headaches or night sweats and best of all, no cravings. The actual hypnosis itself was a wonderful experience, something I recommend to all my family and friends. In fact, I have send several friends along to you, and you have helped them all. Words cannot truly express the difference you have made to my life. I have been a non-smoker for almost exactly one year, and I feel terrific for it. You are a beautiful person with a truly unique gift. Thank you Rebecca.

Dear Rebecca Please be adviced that I am now a NON smoker…. I commenced smoking as a young impressionable girl all of 9 years in age… I sat in the park with my friends and not knowing any better, thinking a packet of cigarettes was just like a packet of lollies that, once opened, had to be finished…So there we were one after the other until all the packet was finished…Some doing the drawback and some not….This was my first encounter with cigarettes… From here, I went on to be a heavy, full time smoker right through high school and all of my working life….I used to think the 80’s were great when we could smoke at work, at our desks….In fact I was a bank teller and would smoke cigarettes whilst serving customers…I used to think…”How Cool” Now I look back and feel disgusted at my habit, I feel disappointed that it took being pregnant to quit this horrible habit. I am 37 years old, and when I do the maths, I have been smoking for well over 20 years… Rebecca, I had my last cigarette at 1.55pm on 04.10.03, walked into my appointment with you at 2.00pm and walked out at 3.30pm a non – smoker… Today is 21.10.03 and I have not smoked for 17 days and never will again….I have never felt better, I am so grateful to you and proud of myself… Thank you for a giving me a new lease on life…

Hi Rebecca Thank you for seeing me yesterday at your practice. When I left your house I still had a packet with 3 or 4 cigs (and a lighter) in my pocket. Both, packet and lighter, disappeared in the next garbage bin I was passing on my way to Sth Yarra station. Since then I had no urge to smoke, even though I had a “couple” of red wines last night – and it is well documented that stimulants like coffee or alcohol may be predisposing us to reach for a cigarette. This morning, the usual habit or urge of having a cigarette was not present – a very good feeling!!

Until Thursday 29th May 1997, I had smoked a packet of cigarettes per day, having done so for the past twenty-two years. On a number of occasions using various methods, I tried unsuccessfully to give up this habit. As a result of a single hypnotherapy session with Rebecca B Czajor on 29th May 1997, I am now totally free of this habit.

Thank you so much for helping me with this and encouraging me towards the things I know deep down, are best for me and my future. Your work with me has been incredible and I really appreciate all of the ways my life has improved since.


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